5 tips for Productive board meetings

Today online format gains great popularity in a business environment. In this article, we will consider what subtleties you need to consider when switching to digital communication and online board meetings.

Online board meetings – a new business reality

During a pandemic, the ability to assemble in the real world is severely limited. Some organizers quickly adapted to the new reality and decided to move their events from offline to online. However, the organization of online events has its characteristics that distinguish them from holding meetings in reality.

So, online meetings of the board of directors are significant for corporate management. To ensure business communication and collaboration online, board portals were implemented. The software for making managerial decisions allows reaching a new level of preparation and holding of meetings, voting on draft decisions, as well as to increase the efficiency of control over the execution of orders assigned based on decisions made.

How to organize a productive board event online?

All stages of board meeting preparation should be thought out, and responsible persons should be appointed to perform organizational tasks. There is the following checklist on the preparatory stage:

  • Software Analyze the available platforms and service packages that offer different services. Check the number of users and the duration of the conference they are designed for, how much information can be downloaded to them, whether the participants will need to install additional programs and plug-ins.
  • Date and time selection. Remember to notify your audience in advance of when and at what time the conference will take place.
  • Preparation of materials. Compared to the usual conferences, nothing changes here, but again, one should take into account the technical characteristics of the platform.
  • Check your readiness. Sometimes even such a trifle as a laptop that sat down on time or the lack of a charger can lead to the disruption of an online event.

Basic tips to make your meeting successful

There are the following top 5 recommendations during the online event:

  1. At the beginning of the video conference, be sure to make sure that the participants do not have problems with broadcasting audio and video. Verification will help you avoid technical overlaps and your audience won’t have to be distracted during the event.
  2. Start on a positive note! A succinct opening speech will help determine the expectations of the participants from the conference, involve them in the process, and set them in the right mood. This is especially important now, when, due to the overwhelming level of stress and information noise, many people find it difficult to distract from depressing thoughts and switch to the work wave.
  3. Track audience activity. We would recommend bringing two observer moderators to the online conference. One will be responsible for the technical aspects, and the other will be responsible for monitoring the involvement of the participants and the questions coming from them.
  4. Remember the importance of communication. After each block of information, be sure to check with the guests if they understand everything and answer any questions. Participants with the most interesting questions will not be superfluous to connect to the broadcast and let them speak.
  5. Don’t be afraid to share your personal experiences! A tip that works for all-conference formats. After all, nothing engages the audience as much as the speaker’s story about his own ups, mistakes, and trials.